What Is the SWCMEA All-County Band Festival?

The SWCMEA All- County Band Festival highlights the achievements of instrumentalists from around Saratoga, Warren, and Washington counties in grades 6-12. This two day Festival allows students to participate in one of four ensembles during a Thursday evening and Saturday morning rehearsal session with a culminating concert Saturday afternoon. Students go through the application process with their school music teacher, and from there, singers are chosen to represent their school at the Festival.

The ensembles represented at the Band Festival include: 6-7 Band, 8-9 Band, and 10-12 Band. Each ensemble works with a guest conductor from a different school and sometimes even a different state. The conductor selects music for the ensemble to rehearse and perform over the two day period.

How Is My Student Chosen?

A student must apply with their school music teacher to be considered for the All-County Band Festival. After the student has applied, students are chosen based on their ability and by making sure that each school in the association is equally represented. Students are notified by their school music teacher if they have been accepted to the Festival or not. The student is then provided with the Festival music so that they can start learning and practicing the music well before they arrive at the first rehearsal.

What Is The Attendance Policy?

Students must attend 100% of the Festival including all rehearsals and the concert. Each student is chosen well in advance of the Festival date and by signing the permission slip you have committed your student to being there for the duration of the Festival.

What Should My Student Bring To The Festival?

Students must bring their music to each day of the festival as well as a pencil and water. Rehearsals can be long and it is important to stay hydrated during these periods. On Saturday, students should bring their concert attire to change into during the lunch break.

What Is The Dress Code?

Students will wear: White tops, black bottoms (knee length hems for skirts, and no jeans), black shoes (no flip-flops or sneakers), dark tie (where applicable), and black socks.

How Do I Attend the Saturday Afternoon Concert?

Tickets for the concert will be sold at the door of the venue. No advance tickets will be sold. Tickets are $5 for adults, and $3 for seniors and students. Only cash and check will be accepted. Checks can be made out to “SWCMEA”.

How Do I Contact A SWCMEA Official?

Please note that it is the policy of SWCMEA that our executive board members only speak to school district officials and/or the school music teacher.  This policy is strictly enforced to ensure that all students privacy is protected as per local and Federal regulations.  SWCMEA will always refer parents to their school music teacher and/or school officials. If your question is in regard to the SWCMEA Attendance Policy, there are absolutely no exceptions.  Students must be at 100% of all rehearsals in order to participate in SWCMEA as per the signed commitment form. PARENTS/STUDENTS SHOULD NEVER CONTACT SWCMEA OFFICIALS DIRECTLY AND MUST WORK THROUGH THEIR SCHOOL MUSIC TEACHER/OFFICIALS.


Please contact your school music teacher or music administrator to answer any questions you may have.

If all else fails, please contact info@swcmea.org